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Nicaragua Endeavors currently has two spectacular properties available:   Rancho del Oro with
large, secluded ocean view lots and beachfront Bella Vista Guasacate, ready to build.  Click our
properties tab for more information.  Thank you for visiting our site and please
contact us for
additional information.
Mombacho cloud forest
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Map of Nicaragua
After years of traveling to Costa Rica and other tropical surf destinations we decided to give
Nicaragua a try.  After a day of perfect surf and spectacular fishing we knew that we had to come
back for more.  We toured the country and found pristine beaches, tropical rain forests,
volcanoes and many warm and friendly people.  We saw a great opportunity and jumped on it,
Nicaragua Endeavors was created.  Our properties were chosen for their beauty and great
locations and are being developed with as little impact to the environment as possible.  Here's
what the Wall Street Journal has to say about Nicaragua:

"Travelers who have been to both countries say Nicaragua is like Costa Rica was 20 years
ago, except there's even more on view, from an active volcano to a rich history."